Nature photography art in Richmond, VA, of a small house. Portrait photography in Richmond, VA, of a small dog. Portrait photography in Richmond, VA, of the artist. Drone photography in Richmond, VA, of a golf course.

About John Henley’s Professional Photography in Richmond, VA


John Henley Self Portrait

My love affair with photography began in a darkroom at the San Francisco Art Institute. Now In the midst of a long and satisfying career providing professional photography in Richmond, VA, I find myself as excited by the work as I was that first time I set foot in that darkroom. My assignment work, my personal projects and my teaching at Virginia Commonwealth University equally excite me. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to teach, exhibit in galleries, and work with wonderful clients on a variety of assignments, such as portraits and nature photography art. I am rewarded by the pleasure and challenges and the constant learning inherent in each of those areas of my professional photography. I look forward with gratitude to my next class, my next show and my next assignment.